Creative & Technical Information Service Partner – Switzerland

About Interhyve:

InterHyve Systems is an IT service provider building system strategies with creative technology. They act as a technical partner in the chain that links suppliers to customers giving competitive advantage and achieve better productivity. InterHyve provides technical solutions for Secure Offsite Backup, Antispam Protection, Hosted Exchange and Proactive Monitoring.

Interhyve has been a Microsoft Gold Partner since 2007. Their services include Helpdesk & Support, IT Consulting, IT Audit, Systems Implementation, Procurement and Private Cloud.

Ramsoft’s support:

Ramsoft has been closely working with InterHyve since 2012. Initially, a dedicated team was built capable of managing backups of more than 200 servers. This team supported Interhyve in multiple activities resulting in innovation of new processes and methodologies, every year.

Various Tasks handled by the Ramsoft Team:


Ramsoft’s Team is successful in monitoring all data backups and has shown good results in this activity. The offshore team worked as an extension of Interhyve team and played a crucial role in patching and monitoring, which was responsible for installation of latest security patches on all production servers.

Together with InterHyve, the India team has also worked on trouble shooting and fixing server issues & user needs. The team supported the client in multiple activities including Scripting, Licensing, Process Documentation, Testing of Tools and Applications as per customer’s requirement.

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