Advanced Planning and Scheduling Solutions

About Apixxo:

Apixxo has developed its In-Memory real-time technology since inception. Used initially in automation and logistic solutions, the technology has found its way into business process applications and is now licensed to interested parties.

It has a profound expertise in different areas like Memory planning and scheduling, process modeling, automating & controlling, Integration of all productive, logistic & business processes, Agile project management, Web-based real time solutions and Algorithms for simulations, optimizations & Planning.

Apixxo has a software product called Featherlite, which provides in memory business processing and they customize this to improve the productivity of their clients. A unique feature of featherlite is its ability to control shop-floor devices like conveyors, carriers, and robots, thus allowing for one single software layer between ERP and production.

Ramsoft’s support:

Apixxo wanted to market their services in the Indian market. Ramsoft conducted a study covering market research, assessment of competition and evaluation of potential for their services. This was followed by a direct marketing campaign to check the interest from prospects for their custom solutions. The inference from these gave Apixxo, adequate details to formulate their plans for India.

Together with Ramsoft, a Direct Sales & Marketing campaign had been initiated for their target markets in India. They were successful in generating potential leads and scheduling conference calls with the end-users for licensing Apixxo Framework.


For the Indian market, Apixxo had closely interacted and got in touch with many end-users for industries like logistics and manufacturing. Ramsoft is successful in identifying a good set of potential leads through its skilled resources and working models.

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