Smart Water Leak Detection Systems

About Gutermann:

GUTERMANN is a global leader and innovator in intelligent water loss and leak detection technologies. They are located in Baar, Switzerland, with regional offices in Europe, North and Latin America, the Middle East, South East Asia and Australia.

They are specialized in the design, manufacturing and distribution of all conventional acoustic leak detection equipment for more than 60 years.

Gutermann’s water loss detection technologies are mostly used in the public sector. Earlier they have had a few enquiries from India, but were unable to cater to those requirements. Hence, they planned to study the Indian market in terms of product feasibility, price points and competition.

Ramsoft’s support:

Ramsoft helped Gutermann study and understand the Indian market. This was done by collecting detailed information on water leak detection market in India, studying the types of players, project offerings, completion and their pricing, etc.

Based on the study, Gutermann decided to associate with a few consulting companies, who could implement and support such infrastructure projects. Ramsoft’s marketing team ran campaigns to identify a host of consulting companies and dealers who supply the leak detection systems in India. Several companies were approached and conference calls held, jointly with Gutermann marketing team. A short list of eight companies was made, across India, with whom meetings were scheduled. Gutermann management visited India to finalize their associates.


At the end of this exercise, Gutermann had four dealers in India with whom they were able to generate enquiries from the Indian market.

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