Leaders in Fleet Management Systems

About Provatis:

Provatis SA is a Swiss based company founded in March 2009 and its headquarters in Ecublens (VD), Switzerland. Provatis develops and markets high quality solutions to improve the security of individuals and property in transport and automotive sector. Apart from that Provatis SA owns the intelligent device events management related to mobility and other intellectual property.

Fleet Management offer the opportunity to manage actively a fleet of car/trucks and customers can adapt to the fleet according their real needs and the top 3 features are -Travelled km -Maintenance tracking & planning-Reservation of cars/truck

Provacam is a video recorder with date, time and geolocation options available in it. It is mainly used for Motion detection and accident recordings. Automatic activation of video recording and automatic back light level management are the top most features of this product.

Ramsoft’s support:

Provatis wanted to look at the Indian market, along with their European launch. Ramsoft helped them with the preliminary study and provided them market details like comparative products - their pricing, geographical presence and mode of marketing, key regions to concentrate, list of potential distributors and target verticals for direct buyers.


Currently, Provatis has four dealers spread across the India and testing their products here. In India, the manager assigned by Ramsoft mostly drives the activities.

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